What is Supper and Dinner

Dinner and supper, supper and dinner, many people consider the two terms interchangeable.  Ironically enough  looking through old dictionaries from various countries, the argument has been going on for several years!  Everyone agrees that breakfast got its name as you were “breaking the fast (this mean to not eat, not not to eat quickly)” from the night and is the first meal of the day.  Then, if you are a hobbit or Englishman, you have Elevenses, Lunch, Low Tea, High tea, and then the evening meal.  Now is the evening meal  supper, or dinner?

I searched the web and found that the best definitions of supper seemed to be on wordreference.com.  They claim it can either refer to the evening meal or can be a proper noun referring to a social occasion at which a meal is served at the end of the day.  If this definition is correct, then the last meal of the day is always supper.  Anything eaten after supper would be known as  a snack!  Interestingly enough, in the Bible The Last Supper was actually a mid-day meal and then Jesus was arrested in the garden afterward.

Using another website, thefreedictionairy.com, to define dinner, we will find it has a variety of definitions that has changed over the centuries!  Dinner can mean the main meal of the day, usually the mid-day or evening meal.  It can also mean a special meal to honor a person or occasion.  What is also interesting is that according to this website at one time it referred to the first meal of the day, breakfast.  In Medieval times, that was the main meal of the day that got your energy to survive the trials and tribulations.

So, what is the difference between dinner and supper?  No one really can agree!  The main thing is if you are referring to a specific meal at a set time of day, the last full meal should be supper and the main meal is dinner.  Dinner can be supper, but it can also be lunch (or was breakfast).  Technically if you only eat two meals a day, the second is always supper, and usually dinner as well.

If it is a party that include a meal, you can call it either a supper or a dinner, and please call me so I can attend!