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Who sells the best fast food? McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Burger King? For the most part it boils down to those top three industry giants. Of course there a few other names such as Arby’s and Checker’s and so forth, but they do not do anywhere nearly the volume of business that the others do. KFC and Subway could be in the race, but their main sale items are not burgers. So, instead of going through a long list of unnecessary substandard fast food places, this article will be based on the top three that offer burgers and appear in mainstream television commercials.

What exactly does “best” mean in regards to fast food? Does it mean best taste, best price, or best delivery? The answer to that is all of the above. Selling “the best” fast food means making quality product, having good presentation, offering tempting deals and prices, and saying thank you to the customers! That being said, I believe Wendy’s puts the other two establishments to shame. Here’s why:

Succulent Burgers

Wendy’s uses REAL, FRESH hamburger meat, not some frozen object of  a questionable origin. Wendy’s hamburgers are also cut square shaped which offers fast food dining from a different perspective. Who says burgers have to be round? It was ingenious of them to offer something different than the competitors’ plain old frisby patties. The square burgers ended up being highly marketable.

The number one reason why Wendy’s burgers are the best is because they taste hella good. They are not just good. They are hella good. They are so good that people can taste and smell them in their sleep. They are so good that workers will risk taking an extended lunch break to sit in the Wendy’s line and get one. They are so good that people will lick the wrappers clean before they throw them away. Yes, mam. Yes, sir. Wendy’s burgers are hella good.

Garden Sensations

Garden Sensations is the perfect name for the Wendy’s line of salads as they are truly sensational. Not only are they well garnished  and 100% fresh, but they also offer a scrumptous healthy alternative. What could be more health friendly than a salad with apples, pecans, and grilled chicken? Not much in the fast food world. That is why Wendy’s crushes the competition.

Top  Notch Service

Wendy’s employees serve their customers with a smile, say please and thank you, and deliver the food in a very organized fashion. They also have the best looking shirts. The colors on some of them are very vibrant but are still kind to the eyes and make patrons feel comfortable. Wendy’s employees almost look like everyday people instead of walking advertisements. There is something that is just more personal and warm about the Wendy’s ways of servicing the customers. Even when asking a patron’s eating  preference, a Wendy’s employees will say “Will you be dining in?” rather than “For here or to go!?” It is way more friendly that the typical McDonald’s style greeting.

Da Frosty

No one knows whether the frosty is an ice cream, a milkshake, or a beverage, but everyone knows to order one at Wendy’s because it is delicious! It is not quite a dessert and not quite a refreshment but it is the most desired item on the menu. Why? Because it is completely satisfying and stand alone. The frosty is so satisfying the average person must take a nap after consuming it because of its pacifying effects. The frosty can also be purchased as an entire meal. Who would need to order a burger, fries, soft drink, and dessert separately when they could have it all in one item? The frosty can be chewed like meat (or fries), eaten with a spoon like a dessert, or slurped through a straw like a soft drink (after about a half hour). What more does anyone really need? “Just a frosty, mam.”

Wendy’s sells the best fast food by a long shot. They are the number one fast food restaurant and will remain such because they have all the elements of success: Juicy burgers of an alternate geometric shape, healthy choices, fast friendly personalized service, and…da frosty.