Steps to take in Writing an Effective Restaurant Review

The most important aspect to writing an effective restaurant review is to have visited the place and tried the fare. However, just one meal will not provide you with a good overview of the quality of the cooking, therefore it is essential that you take at least three friends, and arrange beforehand that they will all have a different sweet, main course and dessert. This will provide you with part of the fifth section of the following list. This list contains what should make up the essential elements of your restaurant review.

1) On approaching the resturant, you should discuss how welcoming it is.
2) On entering try and get a feel for the ambience and decor. Within this look at the seating arrangement, whether there is any accompanying music and how it is lit.
3) From the moment you step through the door you should be gauging the service provided, this includes the way you are addressed, how the waiters react in terms of “ladies first”, whether you are fussed over as a group.
4) When the menu and wine lists are delivered you should study the pricing and range of both food and drink, and try and remember some of these (actually, make notes)
5) Experience the menu, as indicated in the opening paragraph of this article. Also look at the presentation, and the way that sauces etc are delivered.
6) Make sure that a lady visits the ladies, and a gent the little boys room. This will provide you with an idea of the cleanliness of the place.
7) Always ask to see the chef after the meal and talk to him about the cooking and kitchen. Try also to get a visit to see the kitchen. Again this is a cleanliness factor.
8) Notice whether staff are hovering, waiting for you to leave, or are relaxed around you.

With all of these elements in place, you should be able to write a great review.