Restaurant Reviews Silver k Johnson City Texas

The Silver K restaurant is located in Johnson City, the gateway to the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Lots of folks visit Johnson City at Christmas time for our widely known Lights Spectacular and during the spring and summer for our unique shopping and various events. Its a popular place to visit and eat! With a small population, less than 2000, eateries can come and go. The Silver K has been a constant cuisine in Johnson City since 2001 and still going strong. And if it went away, plenty would be sad!

They offer the very finest in atmosphere, service and cuisine. If you can imagine ‘rustic meets elegance’, that’s what you get at the Silver K. The decor is uniquely Texan, relaxing and at the same time, entertaining…and its all about Texas! You can find the Silver K Cafe at 209 East Main Street at The Old Lumberyard, a premier shopping complex.

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and ready to chat it up with you, Texas style! If you’re visiting and want to know what else to see while in town, the staff will be more than happy to give you their own ‘review’ of JC activities and sights, and what’s better than a local review?

While the atmosphere is always very important, most folks really wanna know…”What about the food”? The restaurant boasts combining Texas food with Texas beer & wine with Texas music…where can you go wrong? If you’re in the mood for some Texas food, but are tired of the same old bbq and tex-mex, then this is the place to be. Its a more upscale menu; moderate to high end of moderate, I’d call it. I’ve never had a dish that I wasn’t pleasantly impressed with. The famous house salad that accompanies dinner is simply….that’s just it ‘simple’ wonderfulness. If they’d give me enough of it, I would make a meal out of that alone! Its simply fresh mixed greens, toasted to perfection pecans, gorganzola cheese and their classic vinagerette…wow, who’d a thunk that would be soooooo good?

They have different menus for different parts of the day and the week, so you’re always sure to get what you like! There’s a breakfast menu for Mon-Sat, a lunch menu, a dinner menu for the weekdays and a dinner menu for the weekend. My most recent meal there was the champagne poached salmon with bowtie pasta & lemon cream sauce. But I can’t tell you all about that until I tell you about the dish I had before that and the dish before that! First, there was the Gulf Coast Cioppino. Man, that dish had everything in it…from clams to mussels, shrimp and in season Texas Gulf fish. It had a tomato base and everything about it was cooked to perfection. The next dish was the Mediterranean Chicken. Its a fresh herb marinated chicken breast topped with a tomato, feta and olive relish and served with roasted potatoes and vegetables. The chicken was savory and cooked just so it was done but still juicy and succulent. Just those two dishes alone make it hard to talk yourself into trying something different! But I did it…I had to have the champagne poached salmon, and Man, I wasn’t sorry! The pasta and vegetables with the lemon cream sauce was a perfect compliment to the poached salmon and my only regret is not being able to clean my plate!

I haven’t even touched on the sides and condiments to these fantastic dishes. I won’t even tell you what the sides are, only that its the most amazing thing you’ll ever find with Texas cuisine. You just gotta show up and be suprised about this one, folks!

They feature Texas songwriters and singers throughout the year. Its a great, relaxing atmosphere where you can hear good, down home music, what they call ‘Texamericana’, without the loud and boisterous bar scene. The owners definitely know how to show you a good time with good food, to boot. Check them out at or just go on over and visit them! Whether you are there for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’re sure to be delighted!