Restaurant Reviews Hemmingways Toronto

Recently I took a trip to Toronto Canada. Mainly because my boyfriend is only 20 and drinking age in Canada is 18. We stayed in downtown Yorkville which is on the Northern side of Toronto, and might possibly be the most expensive district ever. But, by asking some of the locals where to go, we eventually found ourselves at Hemmingways which is about 2 blocks from the Howard Johnson hotel on Avenue road and around the corner from the Four Seasons hotel.

While at Hemmingways, my friends and I met an awesome bar tender named Jeff who has been there for 4 years. He’s a lot of fun, and he knows where just about everything in the city is. Apart from the exceptional friendliness of Jeff, the whole place was just great. The bottom floor looked very much like an Irish pub, and then the 3rd floor was very much like an Australian restaurant. The owner is actually from New Zealand, and he has decorated the place to look very authentic.

I think that the food we found there was probably the best food in town for the very low prices. The three of us shared a very large plate of french fries for about 3.50, and I had a bowl of the best clam chowder in the world for only $5.00.

If you ever plan to visit Toronto, this place is somewhere you definitely must stop to see. Take the whole family.