Restaurant Reviews two Guys from Italy in Granada Hills Calif

Two Guys From ItalyA Touch of The Old Country in the Valley When I was a kid, my parents would drag my brother and myself to dinner about once a month, to the same restaurant in our hometown. The owner knew us, welcomed us when we walked in the door, gave us our favorite table […]

Restaurant Reviews 50s Prime Time Cafe in Walt Disney World

During our January 2007 trip to Walt Disney World my family and I enjoyed a fun & delicious meal at the 50s Prime Time Cafe in Walt Disney World’s MGM Studios. My family has always loved this restaurant, way back to the early 90s. It may have been the only table service restaurant we ate […]

Restaurant Reviews little Greek Deli Alexandria Louisiana

Little Greek Deli One day, my friend and I decided to stop by the new, Greek restaurant in town. The place had a homey appeal, quaint like a hole in the wall. These are my favorite types of places, the ones for which you have to search. I never would have known about it had […]

Review of the Magpie Cafe in Northumberland

When we told people that we were going to spend a weekend in Whitby, almost everybody said the same thing: “Are you going to visit the best fish and chip shop in Britain”? The fame of the Magpie Café can be partly attributed to Rick Stein, who found that the Magpie had, “opened my eyes […]

Restaurant Reviews the Outback Steakhouse

In today’s society, restaurants are everywhere. However, finding really good restaurants that will not break your budget can be very difficult. Fortunately, there is one restaurant that is a step above most other restaurants. This restaurant is known as the Outback Steakhouse. The Outback Steakhouse is a restaurant that serves dishes with an Australian influence. […]

Capers a Daytime Cafe in Southsea

It was a disappointment to discover in December 2010 that the owners of the Vegetarian Greenhouse Cafe in Marmion Road, Southsea, were moving on. They assured their customers, however, that the place would be reopening in January with new owners. A few weeks later, this local eatery was renamed Capers, but it was no longer […]

Restaurant Reviews Johnny Carinos Country Italian Restaurant in Athens Ga

Johnny Carino’s is an ok/good restaurant, but I was NOT impressed. At least with the Carino’s located in Athens, GA. Although, the food is more of a Tuscany style Italian food, which I have to admit is great (If you have ever been to Italy and went to a real, authentic, Tuscany style restaurant, you […]

Cafe Kor French Cuisine Restaurant in Budapest City Center

I would like to offer you a very nice restaurant in Budapest. Still not my favourite one but they offer really delicious meals and the restaurant is situated in a very nice area in the heart of the city. Location – Café Kör is situated in the bank quarter of the city; most of the […]

Restuarant Review Abeulos Mexican Food Embassy

When you’re vegetarian, you learn that many restaurants are NOT vegetarian friendly. Neither Calhoun’s nor O’Charley’s have a single vegetarian meal on their menu! They don’t even offer a salad without meat on it! Other restaurants are a little better with a few token vegetarian meals (usually identified by a green “v” next to them […]

Driftwood a Super Cafe in the little Town of Emsworth

The Driftwood Cafe in the little town of Emsworth in the south of England doesn’t look anything special from the outside, but it is deceptive. It has more than one seating area but even so it is not always easy to find a free table, especially on a Saturday. There is a garden at the […]