How to Save Money Eating out Saving Money on Dining out Restaurant Savings Tips


It is important during the economic challenges we face today to save every penny we can. If you enjoy eating out then you need to find ways to enjoy your dinner while saving money at the same time. I would like to share with you several tips that my family uses to save on meals so we may still enjoy the freedom of eating and not kill our budget in the process.

1) The very first and most important tip on saving at restaurants is to be THRIFTY! Thriftiness is the key to keeping money where it belongs; in your wallet! First thing to do is grab your Sunday paper and check for all the local restaurant coupons and specials they may be running. Every eating establishment is a business. In order to generate business they know they have to draw the attention of their prospective customers by offering them great deals for meals. You may catch a two for one meal, sometimes even a two for one with the third meal being 50% off. You can also check on line for coupons and register with your favorite restaurants so they will send you their special offers. Another was to add to your thriftiness is to drink water with your meal instead of soda, tea, or juice. This will add to your savings and your meal will taste just as good.

2) Go out to lunch instead of dinner. You usually get the same menu, just smaller portions.

3) Only eat appetizers. Most appetizers are just smaller portions of the larger more expensive meal minus the side dishes and cost less than half of a regular size meal. My family of 4 has eaten many a fulfilling meal at a wonderful restaurant for less than 12 bucks just by eating appetizers.

4) This one may sound a little silly but it works just the same. Order your meal off of the child’s menu. By doing this, you get the side dishes too; just a smaller portion at half the expense. Restaurants place age restrictions on the free children’s meals but they don’t place any restrictions for an adult to order a meal off of the children’s menu. You can enjoy a wonderful meal that decreases your calorie intake while at the same time increases your savings account.

5) Share a meal. Sharing a meal is a simple, inexpensive way to get exactly what you want without paying extra. Just split the meal right down the middle and every one is happy; including you when you can go shopping the next day with the money you saved.

The above are five tips that I have found very resourceful during our financial struggles to still enjoy eating out and save money at the same time. However there are still many other ways to save. I found other great examples of saving money at restaurants on

For instance: Purchase discount certificates at can be one of the best ways to save money when dining out. Simply log on and search either by restaurant or zip code. There are a surprisingly large number of restaurants that participate. You can typically purchase a $25 certificate for $10, or a $10 certificate for $3″. Another great on-line source I found was on It is a free site to join and fun to search for savings tips. One of the tips I found on this site was Plan On Leftovers. Make a point of just eating half of what is on the plate and take the rest home as leftovers for another meal. It’s nice to do the split off before you eat off the plate! Something else I’d like to point out is that one should order foods which aren’t normally prepared at home”.

Remember, even on a very tight budget, by following simple savings tips you can still enjoy dining out. My best advice to those of you who miss eating out is to get into your thrifty mode and do what you do best; shop for the best deals! Relax, enjoy and remember: you will be giggling all the way to the bank on a full stomach!