Tropical Cyclone Usagi leaves over 25 dead in China

BEIJING:  Typhoon Usagi has killed at least 25 people after crashing ashore in southern China, throwing the region’s transport systems into chaos and leaving tens of thousands of airline passengers stranded in Hong Kong on Monday. Thirteen deaths were reported in Shanwei City, where 24 others were injured in accidents during the storm, according to […]

Indian Solar Venture sparks interest among investors

Washington: India’s ambitious national solar programme has catalysed rapid growth in the solar market driving solar energy prices low and demonstrating how government policy can stimulate clean energy markets, according to a new report. In only two years, competitive bidding under India’s National Solar Mission drove prices for grid-connected solar energy to nearly the price […]

2013 Texas Fertilizer Factory Blasts

Two explosions occurred at a fertilizer plant in Texas on April 17,  injuring over 200 people in the plant and the neighbourhood.  No death has been reported so far. The first explosion occurred around 7:50 PM CDT and spectators saw huge flames in the sky. According to reports, the plant first caught fire, then exploded […]

German Chancellor Angela Merkel makes a hat-trick win in 2013 Elections

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has re-emerged as the winner in 2013 Elections. Her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and their Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), emerged as the biggest parties in the Federal Elections, whose results were announced on early Monday. The pair garnered 41.5 percent of the vote, while the largest […]

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