Car Exhaust Systems Explained

Without the internal combustion engine, our cars would not operate the way we are used to. And without our cars exhaust system, the combustion engine would not operate properly at all. Once the combustion stroke is complete, the gases that are created must have an escape route or they will become trapped inside the engine and cut off the oxygen supply. It is the responsibility of the exhaust system to take away these emissions from the engine and do so in a quiet and efficient manner. Following is how a cars exhaust system works.

The quiet aspect of an exhaust system is handled by one or more mufflers. A small explosion results from the compression of fuel and air in an internal combustion engine, and though not very large, it still creates a racket. We usually do not comprehend just how loud this fire is until we are next to a car that has a hole in its muffler. It is enough to drown out the very thoughts in our own heads, much less render the radio useless. The muffler cancels this noise out either by way of a restrictive tube passing through insulation materials, or by using noise cancellation technology. Whatever sound frequencies are left over are whisked out of the tail pipe at the rear of the car and as far away from the driving compartment as possible.